Home Maintenance Projects for Fall and Winter

25Oct 2018

Home Maintenance Projects for Fall and Winter

Most people know about “spring cleaning,” but the colder months are also a great time to clean your home and take care of a few maintenance upgrades for a less stressful and more comfortable holiday season. Taking the time to do a few easy but important household chores can keep your home cleaner and healthier for you, your family, and any visitors you may have over the winter months.

Outdoor Chores

Fall Leaves on Home Lawn

With its cooler temperatures, fall is the perfect time for some outdoor housekeeping on your property. Some of the best chores to do before winter arrives are:

Cleaning the gutters.  You may want to make time to clean your gutters before and after fall this year. If you have deciduous trees near your home, it’s likely your gutters accumulated a decent amount of leaves and debris over the summer. Since your trees will shed their leaves soon, the end of summer is a great time to clear your gutters, so the excess leaves don’t block or break them.

Preparing your lawn and garden for winter.  If you have a vegetable patch or flower beds, you’ll want to prepare your plants for the cold. You may need to retrieve bulbs or transplant some of your greenery over the colder months, and it’s a great time to clear away brush and weeds. Once the plants are bare, you can pick a day to clear away saplings or other plants before they explode with growth in the spring.

Inspecting and cleaning your chimney.  If you plan to use your fireplace this winter, you should first ensure your chimney is ready to go. While you may know how to check your flue, it’s best to call a professional chimney sweep service to inspect and clean your chimney. If there is any damage inside the chimney or you attempt to use a chimney with a blocked flue, it may lead to a serious fire and health hazard.

Cleaning your home’s exterior and windows.  If you think your area may receive ice or freezing rain this winter, take the time to clean your home’s exterior and windows. Ice will have an easier time accumulating on dirty surfaces, so clean them now before the cold hits and take a moment to check for cracked window seals and loose door jambs that may allow heat to escape.

Inside the Home

If you plan to do any celebrating or entertaining this winter, you’ll want the inside of your home to be as clean as possible. Start by cleaning and disinfecting the trash cans in your bathroom and kitchen. Organize your kitchen and appliances and put any dishes or equipment you don’t need in storage for the winter.

When it comes time to clean the living spaces of your home (for example, the den, family room, and bedrooms), always clean top to bottom. Start by dusting the ceiling corners of the room, then work your way to the windows, drapes, and curtains. Give your blinds a good dusting, and once you’ve finished with the top of the room, you can clean the floor. By going top to bottom, you don’t have to worry about dust and debris from your ceiling or drapes falling on your freshly vacuumed floor.

While vacuuming, now would be a good time to rearrange furniture. Clean upholstered furniture and cover it with plastic if you plan to put it in storage. Take time to check the air filters in your home’s heating system. You’ll be relying on it heavily over the winter and you’ll want to avoid damage or dirty air recirculation. If you haven’t had your HVAC serviced, now would be a great time to call in a professional to ensure your system is functioning with efficiency.

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