Jason Grano

Mortgage Banker

Alpharetta, Georgia

*Please note: On May 28th, our name and email addresses will change to align with our parent company, First Federal Bank. My new email will end with [email protected].


With 18 years experience in the mortgage industry, Jason uses his spirited personality and willful desire to take care of each of his clients throughout each loan process.


Because Jason understands all aspects of the mortgage industry, he is confident he will find the best loan program to tailor each of his clients’ needs. He is a dedicated professional who prides himself on customer service. Please contact Jason today to get prequalified for your next home loan.


NMLS: 208508

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Jason Grano, First Federal Bank

Testimonials for Jason

Closed Refinance Loan

JASON GRANO - OUTSTANDING! I can't talk to First Federal Bank bank, I didn't deal with a bank, at least that's what it seemed like. It NEVER felt like I was dealing with an INSTITUTION such as a bank. Fortunately I had a HIGH SPEED, LOW DRAG get it done guy like Jason Grano. Jason Grano by far is the go to guy to process your request. There can't be anyone else out there as squared away as he is. Knowledgeable, respectful, motivated and energetic! At every step of the process he was there. Every question was answered quickly, correctly and with confidence and knowledge you need in someone processing your loan. He went out of his way to ensure that the refinance loan would go through. If you ever expect something so detailed to go through without a hitch you are in a fantasy world. That is why Jason Grano is THE ONE to process your loan request and understands what everyone needs to make it go smooth. Jason, thanks for taking what can be a grueling, drudgingly stressful experience and making it nothing short of an excellent, personable, and stress free interest rate reduction loan. You and First Federal Bank bank should be the only one considered for financial needs.  

Closed Refinance Loan

I contacted Jason Grano at First Federal Bank as a last resort. That said, it turned out to be the best decision I made when it came to my refinance. I tried to refi with my bank at first, only to find out after 2 months that they could not deliver the deal originally proposed. I came across First Federal Bank through Zillow while doing some research after I turned down my banks counter offer.(They made me feel as if no one would offer me a better deal) With no expectations I contacted Jason. I explained to him my previous experience and we then went into what I was looking for and what he could offer. Working with Jason for my Refi was a great experience. There were some bumps along the way but given my unique situation never did Jason make me feel as if he could not deliver what he promised.(Actually at the end, it turned out that I got a better deal than originally proposed) Jason and his team were exceptionally professional and worked really hard to close this deal and ultimately making my family and I very happy. I must say that this is my first review on anything. I am highly satisfied with the work Jason and his crew did and had to write a review expressing my gratitude.  

Closed Refinance Loan

My mortgage advisor, Jason Grano, has been a bright light in the process of securing a mortgage loan from information gathering, investigating options, and going over everything until I am completely understand. He is honest, transparent, and explains the numbers in a way that makes sense. My credit is less than glowing, and he has provided me numbers (both good and bad), educated me on what these numbers mean, and presented options in a concise way that I can understand, digest, and appreciate. If you want a no nonsense approach, the facts explained, and not a bunch of fluff, Mr. Grano is the one you want. He also makes you laugh, which is very important in this whole process. Thanks JASON.  

Closed purchase loan

We recently worked with Jason Grano at First Federal Bank in refinancing our home and had a great experience. Jason is knowledgeable, efficient and went above and beyond to provide top notch service. In the end, we closed at a better rate and price than we even expected. I honestly can't remember getting better service from anyone, anywhere! An added bonus – Jason has a fantastic personality that makes him an absolute joy to work with! We give Jason and First Federal Bank our highest recommendation. A & J Vanness  

Closed purchase loan

Jason Grano at First Federal Bank was an absolutely amazing mortgage banker. I was quite impressed with how quickly Jason responded to my inquiries and concerns in acquiring a mortgage loan. My family and I were lucky to have encountered such a dedicated, diligent and knowledgeable banker. Jason's ability to get things done is the reason my family and I are in our dream home today.  

Closed refinance loan

I've completed six mortgages over the last few years, and Jason Grano here is the best agent I've worked with. He is very knowledgeable about the industry and the process, and is great for bouncing things off of. He is also quick to respond when anything goes wrong. You feel like you have somebody on your side. It doesn't hurt that First Federal Bank is competitive on rates as well -- if you look around they are always near the 'best available'. I've recommended him to family that have had good experiences with him as well.